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"The tour was absolutely outstanding and Mathieu. L could not have done a better job. We all got a good education that entire day. From site to site Mathieu explained what was happening during the D-Day's events. He was extremely knowledgeable and so professional with a great sense of humor. Mathieu, we thank you again for the outstanding job!" 
"Fantastic tour. I had read reviews beforehand and hoped we'd get Matt as our guide, and we weren't disappointed. He was extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I knew my history and I learned a lot still. Wouldn't have changed a thing." 
"Our guide, Mathieu, was professional, polite, knowledgeable and efficient. We learned so much from him about the history of D-Day. He dispelled myths promoted by certain WWII movies and helped us understand the history in an unbiased way. We also gained a better understanding of the tragedies suffered by French civilians. His knowledge of and love of history were second to none."
"Our tour couldn’t have been better. Mathieu’s tour was incredibly insightful and he was just overall a great guy. When you book this tour, I highly recommend that you request Mathieu. He made the tour very special and it’s one I won’t forget. 10/10" 

"Mathieu was an excellent guide. Matt knew his stuff on Mont Saint-Michel and how to get around and avoid the crowds. His English was great and his anecdotes were terrific. I won't want to try it on my own!"
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